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Jackie Adams

Ruth Ames-White

Ruth has developed some unique and striking styles from the experience she has gained over the last decade of working with mosaic.

Using a diverse range of materials, from the cherished mug accidentally dropped on the kitchen floor, to the sumptuous gold and silver leaf tiles from Murano, Venice, she produces bold and colourful pieces.

Glass and ceramic allow her to cut and blend intricate fragments in a graduation of tone, thus creating an almost painted brush stroke effect.

In addition, Ruth uses broken crockery, sourced locally and on internet auction sites, which is used to great effect embellishing and up-cycling objects - the pique assiette technique.

Ruth has exhibited throughout the UK, runs workshops and is a professional member of the British Association of Modern Mosaic. She lives in Somerset with her family, where she works from her garden studio.

Sheena Spacey

Sheena Spacey's folk art ceramics and paintings are an antidote to the high-speed world we inhabit. They’re innocent, simple and reassuring. "I like my work to evoke a sense of nostalgia for quiet days gone by, where home and storytelling offer comfort and a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday living,"

Jane Visick

Jane has worked in various artistic media for most of her life, but only in recent years did she discover a passion for mosaics. Trained in technique by highly regarded mosaic artist Elizabeth de Ath , Jane has also visited many of the meccas of the mosaic world for inspiration, including Ravenna, Venice, Chartres and Barcelona. In a relatively short space of time she has produced an impressive portfolio and has already completed several commissions.

Jane specialises in micro-mosaics, a style which involves clipping the tiles into small – sometimes tiny – shaped pieces, quite different from the “roman villa” style of mosaics familiar to most of us. The recent work on show here are created from the tiny workings from inside watches.

Adele Zaslawska

Adele Zaslawska is self taught and inspired by the charms of cats, dogs, birds and insects; she takes old and unwanted china and rejuvenates it into something new and fresh.

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