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Helen Gordon

Born in Warwickshire, I moved to the West Country, firstly to read European Studies at The University of Bath in 1981 and latterly, in 1994, to set up home with my family in The Chew Valley, where I remain to this day, having done a stint in London.

For the past ten years my focus has been sculpting, which I happened upon when I agreed to accompany a friend on a ceramics course for one afternoon a week at The Bristol School of Art. I was instantly hooked and have not looked back. Interest in my work grew and I began to start selling my pieces.

Fred Gordon

As for the sculpture, I began to experiment, I watched thousands of You Tube Videos on the subject, I attended a two-day course and was fortunate enough to secure work experience with Mark Coreth, Master Sculptor in Animals. His passions and interests have always revolved around some form of art and, despite being self-taught, Fred has been sculpting professionally since 2011.

Milestones so far...having 'Girls' Night Out' accepted for The RWA 2012 open exhibition in Bristol, winning first prize for sculpture at the Bath and West annual art exhibition for the same piece and, I am thrilled to have got several sculptures into Beaux Arts in Bath.

Zac Greening

Having travelled the world Zac has settled with his family in Wincanton. His unique work is inspired by nature reflecting an attitude of respect for natures design and aesthetic. Wherever possible Zac uses found and recycled materials which he fuses with man-made or off the shelf materials.

Zac works with a host of architects and interior designers. He has created dazzling window displays for Kookai, Jigsaw and Monsoon and worked with leading corporate including Audi, BMW and Sony. In recent years Zac has been commissioned to produce pieces for BP and Speedo.

Michelle Hall

After completing BA(Hons) Fine Art. Michelle now has an art studio based in Glastonbury.

Michelle’s figurative style captures the character and movement of her subjects, whilst photography and drawing from life enable her to maintain accuracy.

She constructs sculptures from clay, plaster or wax.

Her tactile sculptures are all hand made in the UK each one an individual.

Michelle has a wide range of ceramic, bronze and Bronze resin sculptures, produced with a variety of glazes and textures.

Pippa Hill

I am obsessed with clay. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by it, digging it up from the fields when I was young and making things that rapidly fell to pieces. It is the only material I know that only needs hands to shape it.

Despite no formal opportunity to train in ceramics, I have always continued to make things out of clay.

Each piece I make is entirely hand built. The animal sculptures include British wildlife, farm animals, dogs and cats. I also make other animals found further afield, such as rhinos, leopards or elephants. Apart from the ceramics, my work is available in Bronze resin and foundry Bronze.

Sophie Howard

Born in West Dorset in the late 1950s, Sophie grew up in Yorkshire and trained at Winchester Art School before moving to London and later returning to the West Country in 1987. She lives in Bristol and is a director of HOURS, a gallery and event space in the city.

Sophie makes evocative sculpture in her central Bristol studio. She collaborates with others - mould makers, casters and other artists to realise her designs and commissions.

Seeking to find her own voice she makes collections of pieces exploring themes including motion and stillness, the body, city life and animals.

Cathy Judge

Having always led an artistic and creative life I was introduced to sculpture by accident at an open day at Shute Farm Studios, near Shepton Mallet in the late ‘90s. It was there that I had my first life changing experience of creating a sculpture. I was instantly hooked and the following day rushed out to buy my first slab of clay. Hardly a day has passed since then that has not found me sculpting.

Sculpture is always a frustrating struggle to achieve the end result that one desires. The thrill of completion is addictive however and I find myself impatient to start the next piece.

My early untutored efforts were refined and expanded by formal study at Queens Road College of Art and Design, Bristol and also Bath City College.

My interest is in the geometry of the female form. When I view a figure I aim to look beyond the detail in order to capture its underlying patterns and rhythms. I enjoy expressing its lines, emphasising the tactile and curvaceous. My work is available in limited editions of both cold cast resin and bronze.

Mary Kaun-English

Mary Kaun-English is a contemporary ceramic artist currently living in Kehelland, Cornwall, UK. She was born and raised in Southern California where her passion for nature was evident from the beginning. Living in the then undeveloped San Rafael foothills, she was allowed to explore this distinctive landscape, being conscious of the natural spirit and materials around her; paralleling the movements of the native American Indians, her natural biological forefathers.

Mary has lived and worked for most of her adult life in London and SW England. However, Mary’s conviction that her work and life required a stronger connection with nature, lead her to move to rural Cornwall with her partner Martyn Perryman, Landscape oil painter, where there is more space to breath, work and live. The space she now inhabits is ideal for her to concentrate her efforts on developing her personal art practice and to collaborate with other like-minded people.

Gareth Leake

Gareth Leake is a talented and passionate artist who lives and works from his studio near Bath, England. He creates remarkably realistic life size torsos in wood and clay and casts in plaster and resin.

At the Bath Society of Arts exhibition in 2009 he was awarded the Bristol Guild Prize and is now showing commercially choosing A2 gallery in Wells, Somerset to represent him.

A self-taught sculptor – by manufacturing his own moulds and casting in plaster or resin at his workshops near Bath he retains control of the whole sculpture process from inception to completed piece.

Gareth says “I have had a life-long interest in anatomy and bodywork therapies, and I’ve studied a variety of massage techniques and Shiatsu. In my sculpture, I draw from my practical ‘hands on’ experience of treating muscular and skeletal issues, and from my detailed knowledge of anatomy. I sculpt mainly from touch, using my fingers as eyes”.

Warren Leavens

Working as the Little Paper Factory he creates individual pieces of art using recycled objects, materials and paper. This form of paper art, similar to origami originated in Japan and is known as Kirigami, and is best described as the folding and cutting of paper into decorative shapes. These individual pieces are then mounted in re-purposed objects such as printer trays, wooden boxes or anything else 'vintage' that appeals to the artist. Even the paper is recycled and ranges from old sheet music or newsprint to maps or perhaps the pages from an old copy of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Everything is individually designed and handmade resulting in truly unique pieces of art.

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