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Square One – Local artists' showcase
A new concept in contemporary art galleries.

Somerset and the South West has an abundance of artistic talent, and to celebrate this we have set up a gallery within the gallery dedicated to showcasing local artists. We have divided the first floor of the gallery into 21 separate wall space units and 18 plinth space units where artists can display a wide variety of work from paintings and photography to jewellery and textiles, in fact anything that's hand-crafted and unique.

We understand how difficult it can be for artists to get their work into galleries particularly if they don't have a history of previous sales and Square One offers the opportunity for young up-and-coming artists, budding amateurs and indeed seasoned professionals alike to have their work on permanent public display in a High Street gallery.

For further information about renting space at Square One click here.

Current artists
Wall space units

Unit 1
£15 per week
  Unit 2
Abbie Hinds - Painting
  Unit 3
Lucy Delafons - Printmaking
Sarah Butler   John Waters   Ben Kelly
Unit 4
Sarah Butler – Charcoal, watercolours and oils
  Unit 5
John Waters – Photography
  Unit 6
Ben Kelly – Painting
Unit 7
Lesley Page – Oils

  Unit 8
Lesley Page – Oils
  Unit 9
Neill Lowdon – Oils

Unit 10
Neill Lowdon – Oils
  Unit 11
Alan Marchant - Painting
  Unit 12
Alan Marchant - Painting
    Frances Harden
Unit 13
Marilyn Wedgwood – Oil on canvas
  Unit 14
Sian Pearce – Acrylics
  Unit 15
Frances Harden – Watercolours and photography
  Jennie Thomas  
Unit 16
£20 per week
  Unit 17
Jennie Thomas – Oils and pastels
  Unit 18
Donna Bryan
    Jill Parkinson
Unit 19
Jonathan Jelfs - Photography
  Unit 20
Jonathan Jelfs - Photography
  Unit 21
Jill Parkinson – Watercolours and pastels

Plinth space units

Currently available   Currently available   Currently available
Unit A
£20 per week
  Unit B
£20 per week
  Unit C
£15 per week
Currently available   Currently available   Currently available
Unit D
£15 per week
  Unit E
£15 per week
  Unit F
£20 per week
Currently available   Currently available   Currently available
Unit G
£20 per week
  Unit H
£20 per week
  Unit I
£20 per week
Currently available   Currently available   Currently available
Unit J
£20 per week
  Unit K
£20 per week
  Unit L
£25 per week
Currently available   Lorraine Chalmers   Currently available
Unit M
£20 per week

Unit N
Lorraine Chalmers – Yeo River Glass

  Unit O
£20 per week
Currently available   Pete & Sue Sinclair   Currently available
Unit P
£20 per week
  Unit Q
Pete & Sue Sinclair – Wood turning and glass
  Unit R
£15 per week

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Featured artist

Jill Parkinson

Jill Parkinson
Light and colour are her inspirations; landscapes and architecture her themes – but like so many female artists echo into infinity, time and opportunity are her greatest enemies.

Jill Parkinson has always painted, and not just on canvas. In the heyday of the 80s she was much-prized as a painter of interior finishes. Her hilltop home near Lagos, in the western Algarve, delights in a love and affinity with colour.

These days based in the West Country, Jill exhibits regularly with the artist-led Somerset Art Works – a networking organisation with over 400 members.

In the old days when she lived permanently in the Algarve, and up to a couple of years ago, Jill would exhibit with other local artists in little galleries like the Slave Market in Lagos.


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